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7 StoriesMorris Panych’s 7 Stories is the kind of play you just know began with the playwright waking up in the middle of the night with an inspiration: Suppose this guy goes out on a ledge to kill himself and instead of the old cliché, the do-gooder (cop, counsellor, whatever) trying to talk him back in turns out to be so preoccupied with their own trivial problems that they barely notice him? The Man (Tony Gradanti) is put off course by the cast of wacky characters while he ponders his impending jump from seven storeys up. The cast includes first time performers as well as a few seasoned actors. A brilliant set design by Nigel Hart allows the story to come to life on the front of a building, with a ledge for The Man to stand on and seven windows through which the various characters interact with him

Directed by Dandelion





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