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2006/07 Season


2006 Dinner TheatreAccidental Death of a Salesman by Nick Mitchell. Synopsis: In a restaurant, playwright Arthur Miller (Don Whitton) meets Willy (Oscar Reeves), a salesman, and is made an offer that bewilders and mystifies him shortly before the opening of his play Death of a Salesman. Also featuring Kat MacVeagh as Waitress #1 and Ruth O’Neill as Waitress #2.

In the Desert of My Soul by John Glines. Synopsis: Lone traveler George (Rick Flatla) approaches a shack in the desert, hoping to get food. There he meets the philosophical Yang (David Soy), the salty-tongued owner Ma (BJ Godson), and Josie (Chalise Giosia), a young girl of uncertain background whom Ma has taken in. In an intriguing aura of reality versus unreality the two vulnerable young people probe into each other’s lives.

Directed by Dandelion

Theatre on the menu

Hoping to start a new trend, Gabriola Players performed these two one-act plays as part of dinner theatre events at the Surf Lodge and the Golf Club.


MARCH 2007

Lend Me A Tenor

Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig is a farce set in 1934. The story revolves around renowned tenor Tito Merelli (Lorenzo Bellavita), who is scheduled to sing the lead in a gala fundraiser of Othello, for the Cleveland Opera Company. Unfortunately, even before the star leaves his hotel room, everything begins to unravel.  Chaos ensues when Merelli’s wife (Jenn Feenan), who has mistaken an autograph-seeker hidden in Tito’s closet for a secret lover, leaves him a “Dear John” letter. The distraught Merelli is accidentally given a double dose of tranquilizers to calm him and passes out. Saunders (Mark Smith), the company’s General Manager, is determined the show must go on (for his own financial sake), so he asks his assistant Max (Bob Brooks), to impersonate the opera star.  Max puts on the blackface makeup required for the role of Othello, and his disguise succeeds admirably – until Merelli, also in blackface, wakes up and heads for the stage.  Also featuring Rose Topp as Maggie, Myles Black as the Bellhop, Tami Blazer as Diana, and Nancy Jenner as Julia.

Directed by Dandelion


JULY 2007

Second SummerIn Second Summer by Gary Richard,  good-natured, affable Reg (Mark Smith), embittered by the death of his beloved wife, reluctantly sells his business and home in Brooklyn and moves to Florida. In what he thought would be ”God’s waiting room,” he finds a world of new possibilities as single women his age (Helen Defosset, B J Godson and Jean Wyenberg) flock to charm this newly available man. Second Summer is a play is about the rebirth of an elderly man who finds that the long dormant teenager in himself still exists. It celebrates the richness of the mature life experience in a warm-hearted comedy that clearly demonstrates it’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old!  Also featuring Don Whitton as Ernie.

Directed by Bob Brooks

Performed on July 27 and 28 at The Roxy


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