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2008/09 Season


With an amazing cast of 17 and an artistic and skillful crew of 36 the play was sure to be a hit. Add to that the set design by Mary Gay Brooks and the carpentry skills of Don McLaughlin all the elements for a successful show ere put into place. This production saw the addition of singing by some cast member,a first for GP. You had to love King Clueless, Steve Smith, and even dastardly Queen Lottie, Jean Wyenberg, and roll with laughter at Snatch, Nancy Jenner, and Grab, BJ Godson. Rumpelstiltskin, Oscar Reeves, was a real trooper belting out “Spinning Wheel” and “My Name” and the duet of the King & Queen singing “Chu-Chi Face” was an audience pleaser. Not to be outdone in the singing departmentCeleste Mattes and Josh Jonas added to the musical enjoyment. A traditional pantomime usually has a man playing the ‘dame’ and no one could have done it better than Nigel Hart as Bess Dress. Just look at those pictures! Klaus Horky, our float plane pilot, made his debut on our stage as Nico Tyme and showed his determination at acting and that he has skills other than as a pilot. The show had an elephant (Catherine Andersen) and a mouse (Jethro Nicholas), who together won the heart of our audience. No less important were Ruth O’Neill, Joy Reeves and Barb Russell as townsfolk and Nancy Nevison (gotta get that girl a big part as she steals the show) and Marlyn Farrell as Guards rounded out the cast. Without our lighting & sound crew, and many more the show couldn’t go on. Thanks to everyone who help make it such a huge success.

Rumpelstiltskin pantomime version by Hilary Mackelden (with permission of Limelight scripts)

Directed by Doris McLaughlin

Performances: November 27, 29 & 30 at Gabriola Community Hall


MAY 2009

Squabbles takes place in the eastern USA, Connecticut to be precise. This hilarious play features three generations (the third just arriving at the end of the play!), but the focus is on the seniors – vital, still willing and able to direct their own lives, strong, and with sense of humour unimpaired. It also demonstrates how adult children – even though they have taken on much of the “parenting” in the traditional role-reversal sense – can still learn from their parents. The play unfolds entirely in the home of Alice and Jerry Sloan, in Stamford, Connecticut. Gabriola Players were lucky to have a number of our stalwart regulars in the cast, a couple who performed for the first time last summer, and a couple of actors new to the game. The cast: Jennifer Feenan as Mildred, Mark Smith as Abe, Christine McKim as Alice, Dean Clark as Jerry, Oscar Reeves as Hector, Steve O’Neill as Wasserman and Trudy Broadley as Nurse Fisher. The usual doughty crew of willing and inventive locals got busy set designing, building furniture, props gathering, money raising, costume sourcing and serious lighting and sound engineering. Oh yes, and designing our new website! Rehearsals went well and as always there was lots of laughter, learning for everyone and discovery of talents we never knew were out there!

Directed by Jean Wyenberg

The other big news is that Gabriola Players put Squabbles on at the new Nanaimo Centre Stage on the evenings of June 5th and 6th as part of the Theatre BC’s Community Theatre Touring program. The very first time we have taken a full production off Gabriola Island!

Performed March 21 to 23 at the Community Hall and June 5 and 6 at Nanaimo Centre Stage.


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