Tickets on sale now for the 2020 One-Act Play Festival

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Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s Gabriola Players one-act play festival and tickets are now available at North Road Sports or online here.

In Life on Mars, written by Elliott Hayes and directed by Donna Deacon, short order cooks Frank (Joe DiCara) and Mike (Scott Rivers) hang out after their shift discussing life, the universe and everything.

In Mimi and Me, written by Kitty Dubin and directed by Jean Wyenberg, crotchety, wheelchair-bound Mimi (Catherine Andersen) really isn’t ready for her new, breath-of-fresh-air careworker (Nadine Mourao).

In The Way to a Man’s Heart, written by David Weir and directed by Jenn Feenan, Ellie (Lesley Hazeldine) doesn’t see why she should split the winnings from the lottery ticket her ex (Charlie Cheffins) bought her the night they split up.

Don’t miss these three delightful short plays being performed at the Rollo Centre on March 12, 13, 14 and 15!

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