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On Throwback Thursday this week, let us travel back to November 2014.

There were a lot of firsts involved in the Gabriola Players pantomime that year.

To start with, we were staging the world premiere of Will Shakespeare the Panto, published earlier that year by British playwright Robin Bailes.

It is now the first of four pantos we’ve produced that were written by Bailes and directed by Miranda Holmes.

It marked the first appearance by Alex Dewar as a pantomime hero. (First Will Shakespeare, followed by Robin Hood in 2015 and again in The Return of Robin Hood in 2016.)

It was also the first appearance by Joe Di Cara as a pantomime villain – a role he was born to play. Indeed he has played the villain many times since, including last November in Ali Baba, our fourth Robin Bailes pantomime. (By now Bailes says he feels like an honorary Gabriolan.)

The show delighted audiences with its Monty Python moments (who will ever forget Paul O’Sullivan’s turn as the actor Alexander Cook?), a nod towards Black Adder with Nadine Mourao’s Bob, and stellar performances by Aleksandra Brzozowski as the heroine Rosie, Jenn Feenan as (Dancing) Queen Elizabeth and Lesley Hazeldine as Helena Handbasket, along with everyone else in the cast. In case you’ve forgotten…

Our thanks to Bill Pope for the photos and to Ray Appel for the editing.

The wonderful cast of Will Shakespeare The Panto. Back row: Alex Dewar, Aleksandra Brzozowski, Joe DiCara, Sam Hooton, Ginny Lowes, Herb Metcalfe, Trish Gray, Paul O’Sullivan, Nadine Mourao, John Gooding, Lesley Hazeldine, Nick Squires, Cec Ashley. Front row: Dave Hallam, Chalise Giosia, Jean Wyenberg, Jenn Feenan, BJ Godson, Steve Elder.


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