Audition call for JENNY’S HOUSE OF JOY

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Gabriola Players is seeking to cast five women for our spring production of Norm Foster’s bittersweet play Jenny’s House of Joy.
Director Ginny Lowes will be holding auditions on Tuesday, 6 January 2015, 7-9pm at the Rollo Centre. Rehearsals will begin the following week, with performances 13-15 March 2015.
A plot summary and brief description of the roles to be cast follows, along with a link to the scenes which will be used for the auditions.
Playwright Norm Foster describes Jenny’s House of Joy as a western, rather than a comedy. That said, as you would expect in a Foster script, there are plenty of comic – and sometimes raw – one-liners.
Set in a whorehouse in the town of Baxter Springs, Kansas in the year 1871, Jenny’s House of Joy is a character study of five women: how they ended up where they are, their inner workings and outer angst. It’s a compelling and often very funny tale that has serious undertones, focussing as it does on the humanity of the occupants of Jenny’s, rather than on the goods they sell nightly.
The message that it is impossible to leave the life, also raises a question: why would you want to when this is where your true friends are?
Jenny, the madam, is a tough businesswoman with a veneer of sophistication.
Frances, the old whore, tough without the smooth exterior.
Anita, the naïve idealist, keen to escape the life and move into society.
Natalie, a “lady” fleeing an abusive husband who is anxious to find work.
Clara, the respectable wife begging for her husband to be turned away the next time he comes to call.
Jenny’s House of Joy audition scenes

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