Call for auditions: Inherit the Wind

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Auditions for Gabriola Players’ exciting spring production, Inherit the Wind, will be held at the Rollo Centre on Sunday, December 8th from 1-5pm.

For those unfamiliar with the play (or the 1960 film version), it takes as its genesis the famous Scopes “monkey trial” in Tennessee in 1925. But, as the playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee observe in the preface to the play, “It might have been yesterday. It could be tomorrow.”

There is a large cast, but many of the roles have only two or three lines, so this is an ideal opportunity for budding actors to experience the fun and satisfaction of staging a play.

The roles we will be casting are listed below. Characters marked with * can be played by a male or a female. Characters marked with # have very few lines.

RACHEL BROWN, local elementary school teacher, girlfriend of the accused, Bert Cates, and daughter of Reverend Brown. Age: late twenties to mid-thirties

BERTRAM CATES, local high school teacher on trial for breaking law against teaching evolution. Age: late twenties to mid-thirties

REVEREND JEREMIAH BROWN, local fire-and-brimstone preacher, father of Rachel.


MRS. MATTHEW HARRISON BRADY, wife of the famous prosecutor


DAVENPORT, local district attorney *

MRS. KREBS, very religious boarding house proprietor

MEEKER, bailiff and jailor

HOWARD, 13-year-old student of Bert Cates and witness at  trial

MRS. BLAIR , Howard’s mother #

SILLERS, a prospective juror

ESTERBROOK, radio reporter *

GOODFELLOW, a local shopkeeper * #

PLATT, local handyman #

BANNISTER, local businessman #

BOLLINGER, local businessman #

HAWKER, seller of Eskimo pies * #

ELIJAH, backwoods “prophet” #


REUTERS REPORTER * #          


Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, January 8th.

From early January to late February actors will need to attend at least two and occasionally three rehearsals a week. (Rehearsals will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons.) From late February to the performance, all actors will be required to attend rehearsals three times a week. (NB There is some flexibility for prior arrangements.) Don’t worry. Rehearsals are fun!

There will be four performances: Friday, March 21st at 7pm, Saturday, March 22nd at 2pm and 7pm, and Sunday, March 23rd at 2pm.

 If you’d like to audition for one of the roles, please email, using the subject line AUDITION and stating your preference for 1pm, 2pm, 3pm or 4pm. (We’ll do our best to accommodate, but if everyone picks 4pm, please be understanding if we change the time.)

 To see the audition scenes, please click on the links below.

Scene 1 Courtroom

Scene 2 Town square

Scene 3 courtroom

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