Gabriola Players and GERTIE partner up for panto

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Come see Gabriola Players’ Short Pants & Tall Tales on Sunday, November 24 and leave your car in Nanaimo or in the village!

This month, two Gabriola institutions are teaming up to demonstrate how cooperation among a few people can benefit many:  Gertie and Gabriola Players are collaborating  provide transportation to Short Pants & Tall Tales, the latest of Gabriola Players highly popular holiday productions.  On Sunday, 24 November, the Gertie bus will meet the ferry that leaves Nanaimo at 12 noon and collect those passengers heading to the Panto.  The play opens at 2 PM, so the bus will go first to the commercial center of Gabriola, where the riders can go to Robert’s Place (the sponsor for this Gabriola Players season) for light refreshments before climbing back onto Gertie for the ride to the Community Hall.  Gabriolans who need transport are also invited for the ride to the play.

When the play ends, around 4 PM, time for the 4:25 ferry will be tight, so Gertie will first deliver the off-islanders to the ferry and then take the Gabriolans back to Robert’s Place.



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