Memories of Aladdin – December 2012

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The cast of Aladdin. Left to right, back row: Nancy Jenner, Emma Hooton, Kaleb Velsen,   B J Godson, Steve O’Neill, Nadine Acosta, Lesley Hazeldine, Sam Hooton, Ginny Lowes, Miranda Holmes, Jean Wyenberg, Sara Costa. Front row: Sadie Gambrill, Jasmine Brenner, Quartz Lavilla

You've got it all PC Pong. I mean wrong!

You’ve got it all PC Pong. I mean wrong!

Widow wants washing

Widow wants washing.

Make a wish

Make a wish!

Aladdin chains

Aladdin chains.

Drinky poos


Not quite Lawrence of Arabia

Who was that blond man on the camel?

Oh, what a circus!

Oh, what a circus!

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