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Unless something goes very wrong, the only people audiences should notice during a performance are the actors. But offstage there is another, much larger cast of characters whose roles are every bit as important to the success of any theatrical endeavour.


Of course,  it all starts with the playwright, which is why he or she generally gets top billing. If it weren’t for the playwrights where would we be?


The person whose vision gets the words off the page and coming out of the mouths of the actors is the director. And the director, no matter how much hair he or she begins with, would be pulling that hair out by the roots without a good producer, glueing the whole thing together. If things run smoothly on opening night, they can both thank their stage manager.


Then there are the people who design and build the sets. And the people who find the props to fill the stage. And the people who light the stage, organise the music and provide the sound. And the people who produce the costumes and provide the make-up for the actors. And the people who take the tickets and dole out the refreshments.


There are dozens of roles every production needs to fill for a show to succeed. Something for everyone. By all means sit back and enjoy the show (we love and appreciate our audiences), but if one of these roles appeals to you, by all means get involved.


Have you performed one of these important roles in a Gabriola Players production?


Please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts on the experience in the comments section at the end of the relevant job description. Personal experiences are often far more enlightening (and entertaining) than a long list of responsibilities. Somehow these lists never convey the fun we have.

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