“Radiophiles” entertain at Seniors’ Luncheon

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Thursday, April 27 2017: As part of our Outreach Program, the “Radiophiles” (a collection of witty and talented actors disguised as radio personalities) performed at the Rollo Centre Seniors’ lunch sponsored by People for a Healthy Community (PHC).

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the offering of an “old tyme radio show” called Easy Aces- Baby Food that bordered on what is commonly known as zany where the malaprops and one-liners never ended.

This was followed by another equally funny performance of Customer Service where the performers cleverly revealed the truth about company representatives and how they drive you crazy.

Watch our website for the next time the Radiophiles strike again.

Nick Squire, Peter ter Weeme, Ginny Lowes, BJ Godson, Margaret Litt, Donna Deacon, Steve O’Neill, Lawrence Spero, Peter Jones, Lesley Hazeldine photo by Sara Costa

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