What a joy Jenny’s House was!

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Dear Gabriola Players,

What a terrific play I saw yesterday: Jenny’s House of Joy!! From start to finish a sheer delight, funny, sassy and poignant . Costumes were spot on curvalicious, colourful and smart.

I have saved the best comments for the actors.

cast bows
The cast of Jenny’s House of Joy. Left to right: Nancy Jenner, Jean Wyenberg, Donna Deacon, Madeleine Ani and Aleksandra Brozowski.

Donna Deacon as Frances was a perfect cynical, hard-bitten, been there done that, enough but under that toughness a big, big heart.

Aleksandra Brozowski so young and beautiful the ingénue of the bawdy house. Played perfectly wanting a different life you were routing for her all the way.

Madeleine Ani so straight and tall perfectly coifed , beautifully coutured and in control when realizing she was left went in to survivor mode carved out her niche.

Jean Wyenberg as Jenny no one could have possibly played that part to perfection but Jean/Jenny. Businesswoman you bet, cared for “her ” girls you bet. Just the right amount of sarcasm and always in control wonderfully portrayed.

Nancy Jenner as Clara older so devastated by betrayal by her spouse. Pushed to the brink when she saw no other way. Perfectly characterized by Nancy.

Kudos to Director Ginny who knew just how to bring each actors performance to its titillating peak and take the audience right along so we all thought we were in Baxter Springs at Jenny’s House Of Joy. Just a fantastic performance thank you all for such a fun afternoon with the Gabriola Players.

The very best to all and more great shows to come

Liz Ciocea

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