What is Front of House?

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The Front of House is responsible to the Producer.

What is Front of House?

The Front of House (FOH) Manager is responsible to the Producer.

The Front of House Manager is responsible for:
1. Overseeing the smooth operation of the Front of House team.
2. Being responsible for volunteers manning the front door and working in the kitchen.
3. Ensuring Front of House staff are wearing something identifying them as Gabriola Players volunteers (eg. name tags, hats, lanyards, etc).
4. Familiarizing themselves with the theatre facility. Knowing the locations of: washrooms, phone, exits, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms.
5. Getting the cash box from the Treasurer.
6. Get an up to date Gabriola Players membership list from Treasurer.
7. Collect Rubbermaid containers for “Front Door” and “Kitchen” from Producer
8. Being responsible to display any photos, albums and posters.
9. Notifying the Producer when the show can start.

The Front of House Manager is to recruit volunteers for two distinct teams: Front Door and Kitchen.

Front Door Team
1. Ensure that outdoor directional signs are in place for all shows.
a. At the Community Hall must place a sign on lower door: Entrance only for Actors and Crew.
b. At the Rollo Centre, place a sign on one bathroom to reserve for actors
2. Sweep/clean outside steps if/when required.
3. Obtain the cash box from the FOH Manager with a float and refreshment tickets to hand out to members of Gabriola Players.
a. Provide one free beverage ticket to each Gabriola Players’ member who attends the show (verify membership is up-to-date by checking the membership list).
4. Meet and greet patrons in a friendly, welcoming manner.
5. Review the list of those who bought tickets online or in advance and cross off individual’s names when they appear
6. Sell tickets to those individuals who have not bought them in advance whilst making sure you do not oversell
a. Tickets paid by cheque should be made payable to Gabriola Players.
7. Sell Gabriola Players’ memberships to those who are interested.
8. Hand out programs.
9. Ensure that there is a box set up and a sign encouraging recycling.
10. Ensure that there is a box to collect foods should we be collecting.
11. Check washrooms just before show starts.
a. At the Community Hall, a volunteer should let people (who are still downstairs in the washrooms) know that the performance is about to start again.
12. Remind patrons carrying cameras or recording devices that their use is not permitted.
13. Remind patrons to put their phones on vibrate or mute.
14. Assist with setting up the chairs, if/when required.
15. At the Community Hall, a volunteer should stay in the dressing room during the performance as the door should not be locked or there is a small storage room beside the kitchen downstairs that can be locked during the performance; it has been used as a changing room for actors and a safe room for leaving purses and other valuables.
16. Just before the performance starts deliver the cash box to the FOH Manager. This is VERY important as it is the official notification that the door is closed and the show can start.

1) Wash hands regularly
2) Prepare regular coffee in large urn (see instructions in Rubbermaid container)
3) Prepare decaffeinated coffee in coffee pot (see instructions in Rubbermaid container)
4) Prepare hot chocolate mix in advance (see instructions in Rubbermaid container)
5) Boil kettle and store boiled water in two carafes for tea
6) When handing coffee/tea/hot chocolate to customers DO NOT TOUCH rim of cup with fingers. Please pick up by handles and place on counter when passing to customers.
7) Put some water bottles and juice in the refrigerator
a) Deliver some water bottles to actors in green room
8) Put cookies out on plates using tongs. DO NOT TOUCH cookies with your hands. Cover plates with saran wrap or equivalent.
b) When handing cookies out to customers pick them up with a napkin
9) Prepare one plate of cookies and one plate of fruit (etc) for actors (provided by Producer).
a) Deliver refreshment plates to actors in green room during intermission
b) Offer drinks to actors in green room during intermission
10. Clean up kitchen after show.
a) Collect dishes from around hall and put in dishwasher. Put in dish soap and run on regular wash cycle.
b) Put milk products in refrigerator
c) Restock juice and water in refrigerator
d) Put cookies in Tupperware to store
e) Notify FOH Manager if getting low in any supplies
f) If last show put all non-perishable supplies into Rubbermaid containers


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