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For the Production of Psychopathia Sexualis

A comedy in two acts by John Patrick Shanley

Lucille and Arthur are engaged to be married, but Arthur has a problem. Actually, he has three problems: he has a fetish for his father’s argyle socks; Lucille does not know about this fetish; and Arthur’s psychiatrist, the evil Dr. Block, has stolen the socks. Arthur enlists the assistance of his best friend, Howard, to retrieve the socks. Howard meets with Dr. Block, but is foiled and humiliated in his attempt to retrieve the socks. Ellie, Howard’s wife and Lucille’s best friend, spills the beans about Arthur’s dilemma and Lucille decides to confront Dr. Block.

Characters (pages on stage/total pages in play):

Ellie (19 pages/49 pages): Howard’s wife, Lucille’s best friend. An organized woman who understands how relationships work and knows more than she lets on.
Howard (29 pages/49): Ellie’s husband, Arthur’s best friend. An overconfident former investment banker trying to find himself.
Arthur (22 pages/49): Engaged to Lucille. An artist, somewhat naive and shy.
Lucille (23 pages/49): Engaged to Arthur. A strong-willed, outgoing Texas gal.
Dr Block (22 pages/49) A psychiatrist. Note: the part of Dr Block will be played by Garry Davey

Auditions Thursday, April 19 at 7pm and Sunday, April 22 at 2pm, both at the Rollo Centre
Rehearsals start last week of April, show dates June 21,22,23 24

A copy of the full script may be accessed here:
Psychopathia Sexualis Full Script