Inherit the Wind tickets available!

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Tickets for this month’s Gabriola Players production of Inherit the Wind are now available.


In a preface to their play, the authors, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, stated: “Inherit the Wind is not history. The events which took place in Dayton, Tennessee during the scorching summer of 1925 are clearly the genesis of this play. It has, however, an exodus entirely its own…The issues of raised by  Bryan and Darrow in Dayton have acquired new dimension and meaning in the thirty years since they clashed at the Rhea County Courthouse. Inherit the Wind does not pretend to be journalism. It is theatre. It is not 1925. The stage directions set the time as ‘Not too long ago.’ It might have been yesterday. It could be tomorrow.”


It could certainly not be more relevant today.

Seating is limited, so book early!


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