What does the Producer do?

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producerThe actors get all the applause, the director gets all the credit, but it is you, the faceless Producer, who really makes it happen.

At the Start of the Production:

  1. Meet with the director to get an understanding of the vision for the show. The director and producer work closely together—the director is responsible for the artistic side of things, and the producer is in charge of the business details.
  2. Pay production royalties to the script publisher.
  3. In consultation with the director (and, if used, designer) create promotional images/material for the production, ensuring these conform with the Template for Gabriola Players promotional material.
  4. Ensure Communications Director is aware of deadlines and has material ready for advertising and media work.

During the rehearsals:

Stay in close contact with the director to see if evolving changes will affect the designers and technical departments.


  1. With the Director and in consultation with the designers, prepare a preliminary budget to be submitted to the executive for approval.
  2. Ensure that all cast members are paid up members of Gabriola Players.
  3. Keep on top of schedules and deadlines.

Co-ordinate with:

  1. Publicist (if you recruit one) to ensure appropriate contact with newspapers and to put up flyers.
  2. Program designer regarding program, tickets, posters and flyers
  3. Printer.
  4. Person getting the paid ads.
  5. Front of House.
  6. Costumers, set construction, sound and lights to ensure all is progressing as intended.
  7. Meet regularly with director and attend occasional rehearsals.
  8. Arrange to have snacks and water for performance nights.
  9. Organize any lobby displays (Cast Photos) as needed.
  10. Arrange (with director) for videotaping of show if required.
  11. Maintain a list of email addresses and phone numbers of cast and crew.
  12. Keep a spread sheet or calculation of expenses as the show progresses in order to control expenses and co-ordinate with the treasurer.
  13. Inform each department of their budget amount and review their expenditures.
  14. Ensure that key personnel have a job description.
  15. Create a master timetable along with the director.
  16. Co-ordinate with treasurer to ensure all accounts are paid promptly.
  17. Produce a financial report for the production to the Board of Directors.


  1. Keep a list of acknowledgements for the program and have the following people write:
  • Director’s note
  • President of GP message
  • Each actor a short bio (no more than 75 words)
  • Department heads a short note.

Send these notes to the program designer by a pre-set deadline.

During the performances:

  1. Deliver cash box with float funds and all unsold tickets to the Front of House manager at least one hour before the performance and do a check with that person of the number of tickets being delivered. Record this on the form and both sign.
  2. Once the performance has started, jointly with the front of house manager reconcile the tickets sold at the door using the ticket stubs and remaining unsold tickets to balance and count the cash. Balance cash taken in against tickets sold and record that, and both sign.
  3. Take the cash and one copy of the record of sales and deliver to the treasurer to deposit.
  4. The front of house manager will keep a record of the door sales for each performance.
  5. Report to the director on the attendance/sales for each evening.
  6. Co-ordinate with the lobby refreshments manager. Deliver a cash box and float to them prior to opening. Keep an accounting of refreshment sales.

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