What does the Stage Manager do?

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Stage managers need to be calm, but a bit of this doesn't go amiss.
Stage managers need to be calm, but a bit of this doesn’t go amiss.


  • Work closely with the director.  Understand the director’s vision for the play and help bring it to life.
  • Attend all rehearsals and performances.
  • Prepare a preliminary list of props.

During Rehearsals:

  1. In co-operation with the director set up rehearsal schedules.
  2. Go over the rehearsal schedule with director and cast.
  3. Maintain a list of email addresses and phone numbers of cast and crew.
  4. Ensure all rehearsal props are available.
  5. Ensure rehearsal space is ready.
  6. Take notes of blocking, missed lines, entrances, exits, stage business, etc.
  7. Act as a liaison between the director and designers or department heads.
  8. Discuss with director, set construction and props people, where props costumes,   sets, etc., are to be stored after the show.

Tech Week:

  1. Organize technical rehearsals.
  2. Oversee all back stage activity.
  3. Ensure the show runs smoothly.

During the performance:

  1. Be responsible for the running of the show.
  2. Co-ordinate with front of house, lights and sound immediately prior to the show.
  3. Be ready for any emergency (tech or personal) and trouble shoot.
  4. All production personnel and actors report to the stage manager.
  5. Give 15, 10, 5 minute calls plus “positions please”.
  6. Have cues for lights and sound.
  7. Keep the stage manager’s box handy.
  8. Responsible for evacuations in case of emergency.

After each show:

Be responsible for lights out and building lock-up in conjunction with the producer.

After run:

  1. Co-ordinate set strike in conjunction with the set construction head.
  2. Ensure props, costumes and sets are stored in predetermined areas.

Assistant Stage Manager

When necessary (read “helpful”), an Assistant Stage Manager can be appointed and assigned specific duties.  This can be for the full run of the show or for particularly busy periods.


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