What does the Head Carpenter do?

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The Head Carpenter is responsible to the Set Designer and Director.


Early in the Process:

  1. Interprets the Set Designer’s drawing into reality of a set.
  2. Attends production meetings as required.
  3. Works within a budget.
  4. Assess material requirements and determine material list.
  5. Recruit assistants.
  6. Acquire set materials from storage and purchase new materials as required.
  7. Construct sets and make ready for painters.
  8. Transport sets to venue and set up.
  9. Dismantle sets after the run.

10.Return salvage material to storage and dispose of scrap material.


During Rehearsals:

  1. Attend rehearsals as needed.
  2. Attend the tech and dress rehearsal to ensure that set is ready for show.


After the Run:

Supervise return of borrowed items.


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