One-Act Play Festival coming soon!

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Our ever-popular One-Act Play Festival will be back soon at the Rollo Centre. Have you got your tickets yet?

Is Steven Spielberg a Communist? This is one of many important questions pondered by short order cooks Frank (Joe DiCara) and Mike (Scott Rivers) as they have a beer behind the diner on the night of a lunar eclipse. To find out the answer to that question, you’ll have to come to the Rollo next weekend.

Crotchety, wheelchair-bound Mimi (Catherine Andersen) really isn’t ready for Tindy, her new, breath-of-fresh-air care home volunteer (Nadine Mourao). They don’t get off to a good start, but things improve. Turns out sometimes an old dog can teach a young one new tricks.

Just before their split, Andrew (Charlie Cheffins) bought Ellie (Lesley Hazeldine) a lottery ticket. It won. He thinks the decision is simple: they should split the money. She wants to make a meal of it.

The Gabriola Players One-Act Play Festival 2020 will be performed at the Rollo Centre Thursday to Saturday, March 12 to 14 at 7pm and Sunday, March 15 at 2pm. Tickets $17 at North Road Sports or online here.

Our thanks to Ray Appel for these great posters!

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