Snow Flake arrives on Gabriola

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One for kids of all ages this Thursday in our trip down memory lane to the time when we could still perform.

In November 2013 there was a break from tradition at the Community Hall. Instead of a full pantomime, we performed two short ones in a show that also included several musical guests.

Today is your chance to once again see Snow Flake and the Five Gnomes. This rhyming panto was the most Gabriola-centric show we’ve ever done. It introduced the incredibly talented Aleksandra Brzozowski to island audiences and featured stellar performances by Madeleine Ani as the evil queen, Paul O’Sullivan as Prince Charming, Nick Squire as the narrator, along with father and daughter Geoffrey and Samantha Montgomery-Swan, Miranda Holmes, Herb Metcalf, Joan Ensor, Virginia White and Thor Zupanec.

There were also special guest appearances by the Quinsam and GERTIE. (The show’s Quinsam went on to make other appearances at BC Ferries consultations and GERTIE has been decorating the bus stop in the village for many years.)

Make some popcorn, gather the kids and enjoy Snow Flake and the Seven Gnomes.


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