What does the Properties Co-ordinator do?

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The Properties Co-ordinator collaborates with the Director, Costume and Set Designers but is responsible to the Producer. Different people often handle props and furnishings.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of suitable props or furnishings for a production. The aim should be “attention to detail” in decor, props and furnishings.


Early in the Process:

  1. Collaborates with Director and Costume and Set Designers.
  2. Builds, borrows, rents  or buys props or furnishings based on needs expressed by the Director and other Designers.
  3. Attends production meetings as required.
  4. Works within a budget.


During Rehearsals:

  1. Attends rehearsals as needed.
  2. Arranges to replenish or repair props and/or furnishings during the run.


After the Run:

  1. Supervises return of borrowed items.
  2. Assists Stage Manager in storage of properties.


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