Get ready for 2 ACROSS

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Rehearsals are well underway for this year’s full production, 2 Across by Jerry Mayer.

Two strangers board a San Francisco BART train at 4:30am. They’re alone in the car. Both are married. Both are doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. Janet’s an organized, sensible psychologist. Josh is a free-spirited, unemployed ad exec. She’s a crossword pro. He always quits. When he tosses his puzzle away, she snaps, “Crosswords are a metaphor for life. Those who finish, succeed, those who don’t, fail.” Now he vows to finish. After all, he’s a natural competitor and she happens to be very attractive. Thus begins what reviewers have described as their “hilarious”, “witty”, “romantic”, “poignant” and “wonderfully entertaining” ride. By the time their journey ends it’s obvious each of them has been changed for the better.

“A lovely battle of the sexes throwback.” New York Times

“This charming, character-driven comedy strives to entertain and succeeds admirably.” Los Angeles Times

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