Countdown to 2023 One-Act Play Festival

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Rehearsals are well underway for our ever-popular One-Act Play Festival, which once again will offer something for everyone – including new works by two Gabriola writers.

Honour Among Thieves is the second work by Canadian playwright Elliott Hayes to be directed by Donna Deacon. She describes it as: “A taut one-act play that begins with two women stranded on a dirt road and ends with a surprise. This play redefines what a monster truly is with engaging dialogue and dark humour. A deceptively low key comedy thriller.” The play features Wendy Phillips as Carol and Tammy Mueller as Dorothy.

The Trouble with Trees is the first play written by Dave Innell, who has previously appeared in and directed a number of our productions. It is a story which will resonate with many Gabriolans and which Dave says he based on his own experiences and anecdotes he’s heard from others. When what seems like an opportunity for which they have long been waiting presents itself, Tom and Susan decide to grab it, but they’re too late. They do not get their dream come true. Instead they get new neighbours, Kyle and Jess. The play features Neil Shilladay, Christine McKim, Scott Rivers and Katie MacLean.

Ruby Red Lipstick is a new short play by local Anne M. Holmes. In it , Violet, a widow for many years, has just one wish left: to get her dead husband to admit he was wrong. The play features Holmes as Violet and Benjamin J. Sams as James.

There will be four performances at the Rollo Centre: Thursday to Saturday, June 22 to 24 at 7pm and Sunday, June 25 at 2pm.

Tickets are $20 and are available online now. Click here or on the link on the right.

This production is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Lawrence Spero.


Please note that, for the safety of all, audience members will be required to wear masks.

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